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Free shipping with minimum purchase of 6 boxes of SanoTint hair color for orders shipped by UPS Ground within the contiguous U.S. Offer does not apply to VIVASAN® Distributors.



VIVASAN® offers products which are intended for daily personal care and healthy nutrition. For 20 years, our clients have become accustomed to the high quality of our natural products. All VIVASAN® products are produced in Switzerland and possess the same high Swiss quality that is acknowledged worldwide.  Because of its strict adherence to Swiss standards and careful monitoring during production, VIVASAN® can guarantee the effectiveness and success of its personal care products and health care products, according to our client’s expectations.

VIVASAN® operates with one main guiding principle: “everything for our client’s health” and all VIVASAN® products have the following advantages:

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in VIVASAN® products.  All of our products are of high purity and well defined concentration.  The raw materials used in the manufacture of VIVASAN® products come from controlled plantations which do not use pesticides and all of our manufacturing processes conform to strict Swiss ecological standards.

VIVASAN® products do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or synthetics. None of our products have been developed with animal experiments, tested on animals or contain components of animals.

VIVASAN® products do not contain any genetically modified components

VIVASAN® products are hypoallergenic

VIVASAN® products can be used by all age groups

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