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Nature's Way

Nature's Way

VIVASAN® creates products using traditional medicinal remedies that have helped people in the past and continue to help them even today, in our age of technological progress. Unlike synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, these natural remedies have no side-effects. This is now commonly understood all over the world. Today, the natural remedies market is one of the fastest growing in the world, with Switzerland being one of the leading producers of natural medicinal remedies.

What distinguishes VIVASAN® products are the natural herbs they are based on, harvested from controlled plantations which do not use pesticides. The purest mountain air and crystal-clear alpine streams keep the herbal extracts used in the manufacture of VIVASAN® products free from the effects of the polluted environment, which has the advantage of preserving their original healing power.

The high quality of the ecologically pure raw ingredients and the advanced biotechnological processing methods are what create the special nature of VIVASAN® products and ensure their effectiveness.

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